ONTARIO - Police have arrested a man they say is responsible for at least 14 business burglaries in Ontario since January 2016.

Ontario police said officers received information that the suspect in several business burglaries may have been driving a black Land Rover with Idaho plates.

Two officers saw a vehicle matching that description around 11 p.m. and stopped the driver in the 100 block of Depot lane in the downtown area after they say he violated a traffic law.

After stopping the driver - 20-year-old Rafael Martinez III - police said officers linked him to numerous burglaries through clothing and items found inside the vehicle.

Martinez, whose last known address is in Garden City - was booked into the Malheur County Jail on multiple charges: three counts of 2nd degree burglary, two counts of 1st degree theft, two counts of 2nd degree theft and three counts of 1st degree criminal mischief. More charges are possible, police said.

Police estimate that more than $30,000 in property was stolen from the businesses, with more than $24,000 damage done to them during the burglaries.


01/9/2016 Aarestad Fitness 198 S Oregon St.

2/11/2016 Red Owl 198 S Oregon St.

4/12/2016 Red Owl 369 S Oregon St.

4/19/2016 Smith’s Pack & Ship 251 W Idaho Ave.

7/11/2016 Oregon Street Gym 160 N Oregon St.

12/1/2016 Bargaritas 1294 SW 4th Ave.

03/4/2017 Bargaritas 1269 SW 4th Ave.

7/16/2017 Winner’s Horseshoe 1888 N Park Boulevard

8/16/2017 Aarestad Fitness 198 S Oregon St.

12/8/2017 Aarestad Fitness 198 S Oregon St.

12/8/2017 Ontario Manor 1367 SW 8th Ave.

12/8/2017 Ontario Mini Market 401 S Oregon St.

12/8/2017 Shanghai Restaurant 2880 SW 4th Ave.

12/11/2017 Happy Hippie 490 East Lane