The man accused of crashing a car into the Ada County Courthouse Sunday morning appeared inside a courtroom on Monday.

Jonathan Joseph Locksmith, 37, was charged with reckless driving and decided to represent himself, against the judge’s recommendations.

Locksmith says he doesn’t blame a public defender for his actions, but is upset with the court system and says his car ended up in the fountain because of one.

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“You don't want a public defender it looks like, is that correct,” Honorable Daniel Steckel asked?

“No, there ended up a car in the fountain because of a public defender,” Locksmith replied.

Prosecutors say Locksmith circled the Ada County Courthouse Plaza two to three times before he intentionally drove into the fountain. Prosecutors believe Locksmith is a flight risk and a danger to the community after a number of previous driving violations.

“He has 16 total misdemeanor convictions, including five for driving without privileges as well as inattentive or careless driving,” prosecutors said.

Locksmith said in court that he’s sleep deprived, feels like he’s been poisoned and is in fear of his safety, but wouldn’t specify why. He also tried several times to go into details of the case.

“When I rounded the corner and I saw the courthouse, I knew it wasn't,” Locksmith said before being interrupted by Judge Steckel.” Again, I think it's a bad idea to talk about the facts of this case. If you want to you're welcome to, but I'm just interested in whether you pose a risk to others.”

Locksmith also on many occasions interrupted Judge Steckel, until he finally cut his microphone.

“I'm not trying to mess with you here. I think I’m trying to do you a little bit of a favor,” Steckel said.

“You’re trying to label me as a danger and it's upsetting me,” Locksmith replied.

Judge Steckel took the state’s recommendation for a $2,500 bond, but is suggesting they take up the issue of bond at a future court date due to Locksmith’s behavior.

No injuries were reported. Court records show Locksmith was charged earlier this fall with misdemeanor battery.

Ada County spokeswoman Kate McGuire tells KTVB the fountain and boulders in front of the courthouse were designed to prevent cars from driving into the courthouse, and they worked.