BOISE -- Someone in Boise isn't feeling the Christmas spirit.

Police are investigating after a thief apparently shimmied up the Grove Christmas tree in the the Grove Plaza on New Year's Day and made off with the star on top.

Darrin Walton told KTVB he was staying on the 13th floor of the Grove Hotel when he looked out the window and spotted the climber at 3 a.m.

Video captured by Walton shows the massive Christmas tree swaying as the culprit climbs higher and higher. Then, the glowing star blinks off.

"There was one person up in the tree and one person down on the ground," Walton said. "After a while they were yelling at each other and I could still hear them on the 13th floor."

The Christmas tree topper has not been recovered, and the thief has not been identified, Downtown Boise Association Executive Director Lynn Hightower said.

Hightower said the star - which is the property of the Downtown Boise Association - has been in use for the last ten years and would cost about $500 to replace.

Walton said he didn't call police that night, but investigators have since been in touch and asked to see the video.

"I kind of casually mentioned something to my wife and I just didn't know whether I should [call police] or not," he said. "If I would have known that [the star] was worth $500, I would have."

The Grove Christmas tree is about 30 feet tall. It is scheduled to be taken down the week of Jan. 16.

Anyone with information about the theft can contact Boise Police.