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Police: Caldwell man stabbed roommate after fight over loud music

George Fernando Cuenca is charged with felony aggravated battery and destruction of evidence.
Credit: Canyon Co. Jail
George Cuenca

CALDWELL, Idaho — A Caldwell man is accused of stabbing his roommate after the other man asked him to turn down the music he was playing.

George Fernando Cuenca, 60, is charged with felony aggravated battery and destruction of evidence in connection to the June 21 incident. 

According to court documents, the victim called 911 at 10:40 p.m., telling dispatchers that he had been stabbed by Cuenca. The injured man said that Cuenca still had the knife, and was cleaning it in the bathroom. Dispatchers noted that they then heard sounds of a struggle over the phone, before the victim came back on the line and told them that he had Cuenca detained.

Officers arrived at the house and found the victim holding the suspect down in the front yard. Cuenca was taken into custody, and the other man was taken to the hospital with a stab wound to his armpit. 

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The injured man later told police that he had been watching a movie when his roommate began "blaring AC/DC very loud" on his speaker in his room, according to court documents. The victim knocked on Cuenca's bedroom door and asked him to turn the music down, he told police, but the suspect did not answer so he returned to the living room. 

A few minutes later, according to the victim, Cuenca came out of his room holding a 12-inch knife. The man said that Cuenca was waving the knife in a circular motion and asked the victim "what did you just say to me?"

The victim told him that he needed to turn his music down, to which Cuenca responded that he should stab the other man, according to court documents.

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The two men began to argue, and the victim yelled at his roommate to get out of his house. According to the victim, Cuenca was still swinging the knife in a threatening manner, so the victim reached out and slapped him in the face in an attempt to "stun" the other man and get him to drop the knife. 

Instead, according to court documents, Cuenca lunged forward, stabbing the other man in the armpit just below his right arm. The victim backed away and called 911, while Cuenca began cleaning off the knife and throwing items in the trash, according to police. 

The victim told investigators Cuenca walked outside and was going to leave before police arrived, so he grabbed him in a chokehold and wrestled him to the ground shortly before the first officers arrived at the house. 

In an interview with detectives, Cuenca admitted to stabbing his roommate but said he had done it in self-defense. The suspect said the other man had come to his bedroom door and asked him to turn down his music, then forced his way into Cuenca's room and hit him.

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The suspect said he picked up the knife and stabbed the other man while his roommate was standing over him and yelling at him, according to court documents. Cuenca added that he had only meant to "scare" the other man, not injure him. 

The suspect told police he could not remember what he did with the knife afterwards, and denied trying to wash the blood off it.

Detectives found the knife used in the stabbing in Cuenca's clothes hamper. There was dried blood on the sides, according to police, and the knife appeared to have gotten wet. 

Cuenca was ultimately arrested and booked into the Canyon County Jail. He remains held on a $50,000 bond. 

The suspect is due back in court Thursday for a preliminary hearing.

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