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Former Ada County Treasurer pleads guilty to misusing public money

The former Ada County Treasurer will spend no time in jail after admitting to using county funds for personal expenses.
Vicky McIntyre

BOISE, Idaho — The former Ada County Treasurer will spend no time in jail after admitting to using county funds for personal expenses. 

Vicky McIntyre was originally charged with multiple felony counts of misuse of public funds, but admitted to a misdemeanor version of misuse of public funds as part of a plea agreement Wednesday morning. 

McIntyre had been accused of using a county credit card to pay for several hundred dollars worth of personal expenses during a March 2018 work conference in Las Vegas. Although McIntyre was there on a work trip, the attorney general's office said that her use of public money to pay for cab fare, hockey tickets, and other entertainment during her stay was improper. 

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McIntyre's defense attorney argued that the lines between what counted as a business expense and a personal expense at an out-of-state work conference were not clear, and that she repaid the full amount as soon as she was told the purchases should not have been put on the county card. 

Former Ada County Commissioner Sharon Ullman also came to the former treasurer's defense from the gallery, telling the judge that McIntyre was an honorable public servant who had had a "momentary lapse of judgment" and did not deserve a criminal record. Ullman also suggested that the felony charges were the result of McIntyre being "singled out" as retaliation. 

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But prosecutors from the attorney general's office told the judge that misusing taypayer money "is not an insignificant charge" and that as a public employee, McIntyre should have known better. 

McIntyre was ultimately unseated as treasurer in the 2018 election after the charges were filed. 

Judge Thomas Watkins sentenced McIntyre to six months of unsupervised probation, as well as a $500 penalty. Watkins entered a withheld judgment to the misdemeanor, which means McIntyre can petition to have it removed from her criminal record if she successfully completes the terms of her probation and does not commit any new crimes.