It's been three days since the bodies of two men were found in a Nampa apartment. Since then, Nampa officials say they've received several tips and have leads that they're following - but the person, or people, responsible are still out there.

The families and friends of 22-year-old Dagoberto Lopez, known as Buddy, and 21-year-old Esiel Oseguera are left behind searching for answers.

Buddy's four sisters Jacquelynn Perez, Brittany, Chazlynn, and Chere Davis say they were in shock when they found out their brother had been shot and killed.

"I could tell by my sister's face that something was wrong but when I found out it was him I was devastated," said Jacquelynn.

"I was just in shock," said Brittany. "I couldn't even just think, I kind of lost it."

"I could understand natural causes or an accident or something but in this way it's just shocking and it hurts a lot because he's my little brother you know," Chazlynn said.

For Brittany, there is one part of this situation that offers her peace.

"I just think he died fast and that kind of brings me some peace because he didn't struggle and he's in a better place," Brittany said.

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Every day the family hopes for more leads that they hope will then lead to answers as to what happened.

"I would want to know why?" said Jacquelynn. "What gave them that right to feel like they could take our brother from us?"

"He was not this drug addict, gang banger, whatever people want to put out there," said Brittany. "He was an amazing person."

The sisters have a message to whoever is responsible.

"Please, come forward," said Chazlynn.

"I want justice," Brittany said. "I want to find out who did this to my brother."

If you'd like to help the family, they have started a GoFundMe page to help pay for funeral expenses.

Nampa officials say they're looking for what they call the word on the street information, or tips that they may not usually get through the normal channels.

Officials are urging anyone with any information to contact the Nampa Police Department. You can also leave an anonymous tip.