BLAINE COUNTY - A former Blaine County sheriff's deputy was arrested after being iindicted by a Blaine County grand jury on six felony counts of misuse of public funds by a public employee, the sheriff's office said Monday.

Chad Schiermeier, 40, originally from Twin Falls, was indicted on October 21.

Officials said Schiermeier spent most of his career with sheriff's office - which lasted from May 1999 to December 2015 - as the Wood River Middle School resource officer.

In the summer, Schiermeier organized the Police Activities League as part of the national nonprofit program for children dedicated to the prevention of juvenile crime and violence by building relationships among kids, police officers and the community.

Schiermeier was in charge of the program's financial budget and expenditures as the PAL director..

"In November 2015, questions arose regarding Schiermeier's financial management of the PAL account," said Blaine County Sheriff Gene Ramsey in a news release. "As soon as we discovered discrepancies in the accounting and possible theft allegations, I immediately placed Schiermeier on suspension."

To avoid any potential conflict of interest, Ramsey requested that Idaho State Police investigate the allegations.

Schiermeier was terminated from the sheriff's office in December 2015.

In 2016, the results of the ISP investigation were forwarded to the Blaine County Prosecuting Attorney's Office.

ISP arrested Schiermeier on October 22 and is being held in the Mini Cassia Criminal Justice Center on a $200,000 bond.

He was arraigned Monday in Cassia County District Court.