KUNA -- The Idaho Department of Fish and Game is investigating after more than three dozen geese and ducks were found dead out in the county near Kuna recently.

IDFG officials say the dead birds were discovered near Kuna Butte, southwest of town.

Fish and Game conservation officer Brian Flatter found nine Canada geese and two ducks dumped along Swan Falls Road in that area Jan. 19.

Weeks later, on Feb. 5, fellow conservation officer Brian Jack made a similar discovery: 31 Canada goose carcasses dumped in the same area. A photo taken by Jack shows the geese piled high on the ground and in the back of a pickup.

IDFG officials say that whoever killed the birds had not bothered to take any of the meat from their carcasses, leaving them to waste instead. Under Idaho Code, hunters are required to remove at least the breast meat from a harvested waterfowl.

Conservation officers collected evidence at the scene, but are asking anyone with information about the cases to come forward. Tipsters can call the Citizens Against Poaching hotline at 1-800-632-5999, or reach out to the Fish and Game Nampa office, Idaho State Police or the Ada County Sheriff's Office.

"I'm hopeful someone will make a call and provide information to move this case forward," Jack said.