HUNTERSVILLE, N.C. -- Police in Huntersville are investigating a possible case of animal cruelty.

There are several reports of a person driving around with their dog chained behind their Jeep. A picture on social media shared over the weekend showed the dog on the back of the Jeep's cargo holder.

"It's just one sharp turn away from hanging itself basically from its chain," said Lori Bennett, who saw the dog sitting on the back of the Jeep. "Just broke my heart."

One picture posted on social media is worth well more than a thousand words. Just count the thread of comments coming from irate pet lovers.

Lori Bennett and her son Sam were out back to school shopping when they witnessed what they saw on social media play out in real life.

"She went right by us and I could see the back of the cargo holder on the back of the Jeep and I saw the dog and I'm like," Bennett said.

"Clear as day, you could see the dog hanging there?" asked NBC Charlotte's Xavier Walton.

"Clear as day," Bennett said. "I couldn't believe it because I thought surely whoever did it had learned. Day two, surely they aren't doing it again but there they were. I pulled behind them in the left lane they were in the right lane turning right. I'm honking the horn... just yelling."

The Huntersville Police Department sent us this statement in part saying, "Yes, we received multiple social media messages over the weekend and it was passed onto our Animal Control Officer. I will let you know once he has made contact with the owner and what actions we take."

A local animal control spokesperson said in North Carolina, the owner could be guilty of a class one misdemeanor.

"I was shocked absolutely shocked because anything could happen," Bennett said. "You don't plan for accidents but somebody could rear-end her and that dog wouldn't have a chance."