Caldwell Police say a woman sought to hire a man to kill her husband. Tiffany Knapp is now behind bars after detectives say she admitted to put a hit out on her husband. According to police reports, the couple was going through a divorce.

According to police reports, Knapp sent out a group text massage to about 20 friends trying to find someone to get rid of her husband for good.

The text read "Hey everybody, I need a big favor. I need my husband completely wiped off the face of the earth."

Justin Vinson received the text. He says at first he thought Knapp was joking, but he quickly realized she wasn't because the 23-year-old kept reaching out.

"It got to the point where she was asking three to four times a week," said Vinson, who lives in Caldwell.

Vinson says he decided to lead her on to protect the intended victim. He told Knapp he would carry out the murder. He even sent her a picture of a gun he pulled from the Internet when she asked him to show her what weapon he would use.

During the correspondence Vinson says he continued to keep the husband in the know. They finally decided to get help when Vinson says a very disturbing text came through.

"She asked for a picture of his body afterwards saying if there was money on him that she would split it, and at that point that's when me and the victim both agreed it's time to go to the local authorities," said Vinson.

Knapp was questioned by police and arrested after they say she admitted that she was trying to have her husband killed. Police reports state Knapp said she was getting a divorce and wanted sole custody of the couple's three children.

Knapp is charged with solicitation to commit murder, which is a felony. It carries the same penalties as attempted murder. She will appear in court next week. The district attorney is handling the case.

Court records show that Knapp was sentenced to 10 years in prison in April in a felony child abuse case, but a judge ordered the entire sentence suspended and she was placed on probation instead.

In that case, officers and Child Protective Services workers found Knapp's 8-month-old daughter emaciated and near death from starving.

Knapp admitted that she had fed the infant only Kool-Aid and watered-down milk.

Medical personnel later told police that baby girl would have died of malnutrition within days without intervention. She was placed into foster care where she gained more than four pounds over the next 20 days.