A Boise woman says she thought she was being responsible opting not to drive home after consuming a few drinks, only to find her car flipped on its side the next morning when she went to pick it up.

It's a bizarre crime the Boise Police Department is investigating.

Kacie Hull says a night at the Torch Lounge with her boyfriend led to several cocktails, and when the night was over she thought she better not chance driving home.

"People park there all the time leave their cars there overnight, if you drink too much they kind of encourage you to leave your car," says Hull.

Hull says she came back to retrieve her Nissan Sentra the next morning only to find it flipped on its side.

"We thought maybe there were some drunk guys that left the Torch that saw the car there, a group of strong men that lifted it on to its side because it didn't appear to be hit," says Hull.

But after calling police and the Torch manager, surveillance video allegedly revealed something much more strange.

"A man backed his tow truck up to my car, actually got out, walked around the side of the car, bashed in a few windows on the side, hit the door with a hammer. He went back into his truck, backed by the side of my car and just lifted it up onto its side until it was high enough that it tipped and it landed on its side," says Hull.

As to who could be driving the tow truck and why they would do this, Torch staff has an idea.

"He said that they know a guy who has a personal vendetta against the Torch because he has been kicked out multiple times, threatened bartenders, threatened the bouncers, threatened the manager personally saying 'you will be sorry' and they know that he owns a tow truck," says Hull.

The Boise Police Department declined to give us the surveillance video, citing it as evidence in the ongoing investigation. No arrests have been made so far and Hull is now without a car.

"Right now I'm just getting rides from my sister and my boyfriend, I don't really have the money saved up to put a down payment on a new car. I think it's really bad luck, after it happened I was just like 'why me?'" says Hull.

Hull is trying to raise money to purchase a new vehicle, click here if you would like to help.