TWIN FALLS -- The alleged sexual assault of a 5-year-old girl in Twin Falls continues to spark uproar across the region and across the country.

She was reportedly assaulted by a young boy in the laundry room of the Fawnbrook Apartments on June 2.

Twin Falls Prosecuting Attorney Grant Loebs said three boys - ages 14, 10 and 7 - were involved and are being charged with a crime, but because they're juveniles, specific details of the case are sealed.

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The alleged victim's family attorney, Mark Guerry, talked to KTVB for the first time about the family's struggles in dealing with hardships that have been aired on national media outlets - partly because of the alleged perpetrators' ethnicities.

Guerry says me the little girl's parents' primary concern is the well- being of their daughter and getting the justice she deserves.

"This is a serious offense against a young child," Loebs said. "It has been handled seriously."

The family's attorney says the little girl is developmentally delayed.

"You've got a child that is struggling and now she's become traumatized," Guerry added.

Guerry tells KTVB based on the little girl's account to her parents, she was terrorized in a "gang rape." Loebs previously said that one of the three boys had physical contact with the girl, but under Idaho code, he cannot charge any of them with rape.

"The charges that we filed on this case are the most serious possible charges that can be filed given the evidence that we have," Loebs added.

Guerry says the family moved out of the Fawnbrook Apartments and doesn't have much money.

"Basically the status of things lately has been: they're moving from motel to motel."

The alleged victim, he says, has become introverted.

"Completely the opposite of what she used to be," Guerry said. "She's showing the signs of trauma now."

"I'm sure this family is going through a lot of hardships and I sympathize with that. And to the extent that my office can help with that, we will," Loebs told KTVB.

There were rumors circulating when this story first came to light that the boys were Syrian refugees.

"There has been an attempt to create backlash against refugees and against my office," Loebs said.

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Twin Falls officials say the youngest is of Iraqi descent and the two oldest are Sudanese. They say all three have been in the United States for less than two years but are unsure if they are refugees.

"An incident like this just feeds right into that distrust and that suspicion," Guerry added.

Both attorneys say they are pursuing this case aggressively, and intend to do everything they can to bring justice.

Loebs tells us the two oldest boys were arrested, and a judge released them with conditions to protect the victim's family. They are brothers, and their family was evicted from Fawnbrook.

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Idaho law doesn't allow children under 10 to be detained, so the 7-year-old appeared in court and was given restrictions.

The prosecutor couldn't give a definitive date on when this case will be over, but KTVB will continue to follow this story as more information comes to light.