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Wassmuth comments on anti-Semitic posters found in Boise neighborhoods Sunday Morning

"When we see groups within our community consistently targeted, we have to all become alarmed," said Dan Prinzing executive director of Wassmuth.

BOISE, Idaho — It has been two weeks since community members found swastikas spray-painted in underpasses on Boise's Greenbelt near the Anne Frank Human Rights Memorial Center and a month since they were found on a historic building in downtown Boise.

Now, late Saturday night, Boise Police responded to anti-Jewish posters distributed on doorsteps in several neighborhoods in Boise.

"Act upon act, Nazi symbols, anti-Semitism, it just keeps perpetuating through to a point now. It is time to take serious action," said Dan Prinzing, the executive director of the Wassmuth Center for Human Rights. "It is morally offensive, it is culturally offensive and it is an attack on our Jewish neighbors within the community."

Credit: Wassmuth Center for Human Rights

Prinzing emphasized that these actions impact everyone in the community and that we must call for action to have them removed.

"We are all at this moment Jewish, we must stand together to protect one another, call it out and call upon state leaders to take action," Prinzing said. "This is a felony offense, this is hate speech, and the perpetrators when caught will be prosecuted. This is also a time where we must call state leaders and say, not only denounce it, but take action to prohibit it."

Boise Police asked that anyone with information or video surveillance from the area to call dispatch at (208)377-6790, Crime Stoppers at (208)343-2677, or respond on 343COPS.com

"When did this become us? When would this consistently happen? Not only year after year but week after week!" Prinzing said. "As long as we have state leaders that will stand by and coddle extremism, what do we expect?"

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