DIETRICH, Idaho -- Allegations of rape at a rural high school have brought separate complaints that have been filed - but not yet proven.

One is a lawsuit that the victim's parents have against the Dietrich School District. The other is a set of criminal complaints brought by the Idaho Attorney General's office against the accused locker room attackers: 17-year-old Tanner Ward, 18-year-old John Howard and a 16-year-old whose name is not being released.

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A $10 million lawsuit is being brought against the Dietrich School District and several of its employees and volunteers to recover damages for the 18-year-old alleged victim, the family's attorney says.

The boy's adopted parents say Dietrich High School didn't protect their son from months of harassment, bullying and assaults- assaults based on his race and mental disabilities.

"This young man should have been protected," co-counsel for the family, E. Lee Schlender, told KTVB.

The lawsuit alleges that those mental and physical abuse led to their son being brutally raped with a coat hanger by members of his football team.

"It should not have happened, it should have been stopped," Schlender added.

The family's attorneys say school officials turned a blind eye- especially toward John Howard - a young man from Texas who moved to Idaho to live with relatives after getting in trouble.

The suit alleges that in the fall, the victim was hazed by the football team and forced to fight Howard as coaches stood by. Records state that teammates also drew a picture on a chalkboard of the victim sitting in the back of a bus.

"This was his first year going out for varsity football. There were various times during the fall at football camp and games when various incidents occurred," Schlender said.

Prosecutors say the rape happened after one teammate pretended to offer the victim a hug. He then held him down as another boy inserted a coat hanger into his rectum. They say a third attacker then kicked the coat hanger in further, causing serious injuries.

"They're merely allegations at this point but they're of course serious allegations for any school district," former Idaho Attorney General David Leroy told KTVB.

Leroy says the next immediate step for this lawsuit is the district's review. KTVB reached out to the Dietrich School District but they are not commenting at this time.

"These kinds of things should never happen and allegations like this should never have any basis on which to be made," Leroy added.

In addition to the civil suit, criminal charges were brought against all three boys back in March, after months of investigation. John R. K. Howard and Tanner Ward are both charged as adults with forcible sexual penetration, and could face up to life in prison if convicted. The third student is charged as a juvenile.

"This is not Idaho. This is not our culture, this is not our people," Schlender said. "For something like this to happen- it's an absolute aberration."

KTVB reached out to the U.S Attorney's Office for the District of Idaho about whether the agency is investigating this case as a hate crime, meaning the victim was targeted because of his race or disability. They say the Idaho Attorney General's office talked to them, but currently, they are not actively involved.

Ward is scheduled to appear in court on June 21, with a jury trial set for September 21. Howard's next hearing is scheduled for June 10.

There is no date set for a potential trial with the lawsuit.