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Craigslist post searching for a 'BBQ Dad' surfaces in Spokane

SPOKANE, Wash --- Spokane Craigslist post looks for generic father figure to come to a barbecue and hang out.

On June 17 some people will be having a barbecue and they are missing a “BBQ Dad”. The post says they want a generic father figure from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. who will grill for them while drinking a beer. The “BBQ Dad” will also need to bring a grill, refer to all attendees as “Big Guy”, “Chief”, “Sport” and names like that. He will also need to talk about dad things such as mowing the lawn, building a deck and Jimmy Buffet.

The post is very clear that the “BBQ Dad” needs to be drinking beer the whole time.

They want someone with at least 18 years of fatherhood, ten years of grilling experience and an appreciation of a nice cold beer on a hot summer day. And they said they cannot pay in money, but they will give you all the food and cold beer your heart desires.

If your name is Bill, Randy or Dave you will be given priority over other applicants.

The ad has since been taken down.

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