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Otis family staying strong for kids, hoping to rebuild after fire destroys home

Breanna Schaff and Calgary Kendrick have overcome a lot together, but the Echo Mountain Fire brings a new challenge for the family of six.

NEWPORT, Ore. — Calgary Kendrick, Breanna Schaff and their kids are part of a blended family. The couple came together overcoming many challenges, including drug addiction.

"We needed to take the time to re-introduce ourselves to our children," said Kendrick. "That’s how bad we were, we needed to take the time to show them how to heal and show them love."

They've been sober for almost five years now. Kendrick works as a wildland firefighter and the couple bought a house in Otis. 

"That was our permanent home," explained Schaff. "I think that was probably the first home that we have had for [the kids'] entire lives, the longest home we’ve had."

Last week, the Echo Mountain Complex Fire would change that, bringing another challenge to the family.

"We were in a panic and to be honest I kind of thought we would get lucky and have a home to go back to," said Schaff.

But their home is now gone and so is Kendrick's firefighting equipment. There's no insurance for recovery and ash is all that's left of what they called home.

"We worked so hard it wasn’t in the best condition, it was falling apart and needed a lot of work done but it was home and it had everything." Kendrick added, "It had more than just things in there it had memories."

Devastated but not defeated, Kendrick and Schaff stay strong for their kids. "Those are my children, they might be somebody else’s blood but those are my children they come home to me every night and I look out for them and everything that they need," said Kendrick.

The couple wants to rebuild but for now, focus on a strong family foundation. "I'll do anything at this point to take care of my kids whether it’s flipping burgers or digging ditches I’ll do anything," said Kendrick.

The entire family has evacuated to nearby Newport.

They are not sure how long they’ll able to stay at the current place but are willing to work to get their family back on their feet.

You can help the family by visiting the GoFundMe page or wish list