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Camper trailer's flat tire sparks fire along Idaho 21

The family towing the camper was able to quickly disconnect it from their other vehicle, and are all OK.

BOISE CITY, Idaho — Officials are warning everyone on the roads to be cautious after a flat tire sparked a fire along Idaho 21 Tuesday. 

According to Boise County Emergency Management, the incident happened as a family was towing a camper trailer behind another vehicle. One of the trailer's passenger-side tires went out, starting the fire, officials believe.

Metal rims scraping along the asphalt - along with dragging chains or other metal objects - can throw up sparks that catch quickly in dry grass and other fuels along the road. 

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As the fire spread up the trailer, the family was able to quickly disconnect it from the tow vehicle. None of them were hurt, according to officials. 

Thorn Creek and Clear Creek Fire Departments responded to the scene and help quench the fire before it could spread into the forest. 

The fire should act as a reminder to check trailer tires before towing anything, Boise County Emergency Management says: Even if the tire tread is not worn down, trailer tires only last five to six years. 

 "Take care Boise County and don't risk having this happen to you!!" the agency posted.

Video courtesy of  Bob Showalter/Boise County Emergency Manager