BOISE -- The proposed stadium in Downtown Boise has been a hot topic of discussion over the last several weeks.

The City of Boise held a briefing Tuesday at City Hall after receiving resident feedback online and during multiple open houses. More than 900 residents submitted responses.

Seventy-six percent percent of responders expressed support for the project, while about 22 percent said they were opposed. About two percent said they were nueltral.

"The concerns there were definite themes, the big ones that emerged from what we had looked at was how will this effect tax payers? How will this effect traffic in the area? Noise and light pollution," Lana Odintsova, communications manager for the city, said. "A lot of the latter were focused on more of feedback from neighbors in the Crescent Rim and Central Bench neighborhoods."

The Boise City Council said their biggest goal was to educate the community about the ins and outs of the sports park and to clear up any confusion and questions.

They say there will be upcoming public hearings this winter and next fall if the process continues.