BOISE — A Boise woman says an older man spray painted her car after she caught him defacing her neighbor's political signs.

She called police and he was arrested Wednesday night.

Tomasine, who didn't want her last name publicized, says she caught 63-year-old Steven Schneider spray painting her neighbor's sign around 4 p.m. Wednesday, in the area of West Powell Street and North Prescott Avenue in Boise.

She later learned 'Paulette Jordan for Governor' signs in that yard had been targeted multiple times over the last few weeks and police tell KTVB they believe Schneider is possibly the culprit in those instances.

“I want to live and be safe in my environment. I want to come home and feel safe. I don’t want to be wondering if someone is going to spray paint my property just because they don't like something about me," Tomasine said.

She noticed political signs in her neighbor's yard were being tagged over and over.

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“You would just see a sign blacked out again or a sign not there anymore so I just assumed someone was being rude,” she added.

On Tuesday, KTVB interviewed the homeowner whose signs were vandalized the last few week; Jill Sulgrove, and said she was disappointed, felt invaded and wanted the culprit caught.

But Tomasine and, unknown to her at the time, the homeowner's mother-in-law helped catch the alleged culprit Wednesday evening.

“I was driving home and as I was turning corner I saw the guy, Steven, spray painting the sign and first I kind of was like, what is that guy doing,” Tomasine said.

She says she rolled down her window and yelled at him to stop.

“And he was like ‘I don't care, oh well’. And then we started kind of walking off. And there was another car sitting there watching him. So that car started trailing him and I trailed behind that car just seeing like where is he going, because I'm like he's obviously the one that’s been spray painting these people's signs every day,” Tomasine said. "He was just kind of trotting down the street like, 'I don't really care'.”

Then Tomasine says he ran up to her car.

“And he tried to spray me in the face. And then he instead spray painted black on my car. I rolled my window up and he kind of stood there, said something and put it in and I said 'don’t do that' and he sprayed my car anyway,” Tomasine said. “He would have sprayed me in my face. Definitely.”

She called dispatch and as she was on the phone with them, she continued following the man, who she says tried jumping fences into neighbors' yards.

“He was set on trying to get away and I just told him, like, 'you’re not going to get away, I’m going to keep following you'."

After police got on scene, Tomasine walked up to them.

“As soon as he saw me he just immediately went like deny, deny, deny."

Schneider was booked into the Ada County Jail on a misdemeanor charge of malicious injury to property and police say he was found to have a misdemeanor warrant for battery. Schneider is scheduled to appear in court on January 4.

KTVB reached out to Steven Schneider listed at an address in that neighborhood. He confirmed it was him who was arrested but says he didn't spray paint the signs and he was "walking around the block after supper and police just pulled up and the next thing he knew he was in the jail".

“As neighbors and as people in the community we owe each other to watch out and have each other's back. If you see something, say something. Don't just turn your head because that gives those people that are doing the damages and wrongs power,” Tomasine said.