BOISE -- A new app launched at the Boise Airport is hoping to make travel easier and more pleasant for Idahoans and tourists.

It's called "grab." It's a mobile-ordering app for airport restaurants.

Here's how it works: travelers browse restaurants near their gate, place an order, and prepay for a meal from their cell phone.

Once the order is finished, the traveler will be notified so they can pick it up.

"Phone apps are becoming more and more prevalent in today's work history. People are starved for time, especially when trying to get through the checkpoint, the lines, so this is just one way to speed up that process and take some of the stress out of the lives of travelers," said Bill Best, general manager of Delaware North.

The best part? "Grab" app users can bypass lines and pick up their meal from a separate counter, making it much quicker for them to get food on the go.