You don't find a lot of people having a birthday party at the UPS Store, but then, you don't find a lot of people like Eileen Wilkinson.

Eileen turned 101 Wednesday.

What do you get a 101-year-old?

Apparently, exactly what she wants, even if she just doesn't know it quite yet.

The secret sat inside box number 365 at the UPS Store at the Issaquah Highlands.

"365, for another year," said Eileen's granddaughter Heather Matthews.

When Eileen opened that box, she found more than 100 birthday cards and letters sent from all over the country. Some others came from as far away as Brazil and Germany.

"Oh, my gracious, this is wonderful," said an emotional Eileen. "This is magic! I can't believe it."

At 101, Eileen still appreciates the lost art of letter writing and doesn't go for all that email and texting stuff.

"A letter is forever," she said. "You get that message, and you get how the person really feels. I think that's why it's important. I think it's sad we get these emails, and they don't have any emotion at all."

Eileen's grandson, Mike Matthews, made it all happen through a social media campaign. Workers with UPS saw the posts and decided to throw her a party, complete with a cake and big banners emblazoned with Eileen's smiling face.

"It just makes me feel so good," said Eileen. "How could this happen to me? I'm just an ordinary person!"

Grandma Eileen said she plans to answer every one of those well-wishes, even if it takes her until her 102nd birthday. The box at the UPS Store is still open for another month. You can send your regards to:

Eileen Wilkinson

co/ The UPS Store Box #365

1567 Highlands Dr NE Suite 110

Issaquah, WA 98029