You can't help but notice the vacant storefronts in downtown Nampa right now.

According to the Downtown Business Association, there are more than half a dozen vacant storefronts throughout downtown.

But they also say it's not necessarily a bad thing.

"There are vacant storefronts right now, but we are in a period of redevelopment where a lot of the action is happening behind the scenes," said Morgan Treasure, coordinator, Downtown Nampa Business Improvement District.

One thing leading to the vacancies: buildings being sold and changing hands coupled with business owners retiring. Treasure said because property owners knew they were interested in selling their building, once the businesses closed, they didn't look to fill those spaces.

"Those buildings are going to be needing pretty intense construction and redevelopment, so they needed to be empty," she said.

Another problem is absentee property owners who aren't doing anything with the buildings. Those owners actually benefit from having vacancies. Something Nampa officials are looking to change.

"If a property is vacant it actually only pays a 50 percent rate even on their downtown assessment," Treasure said. "Those are the kind of things we're going to be looking and addressing in the ordinance and actually get the city ordinance changed."

Treasure said there's a need for more local businesses and the ones that are already here have been really successful.

"There's a huge demand for those kind of more local businesses that typically go into a downtown here in Nampa. So as soon as we get this property freed up and ready for business to move in, I don't see any of them having any problems."

Small downtown businesses agree. Village Antiques, for example, said they're doing really well right now.

"There's been an increase of traffic down here," manager Lucretia Al-Hakim said. "Generally, I walk a lot here and help a lot of people and multi task and it's lovely to see people in downtown Nampa."

A big reason why Treasure said there is a lot of interest in the spaces downtown and there's already moves being made to fill those vacancies.

"The market is here," she said. "The conversations that I've been having with real estate brokers and people that are interested in the buildings, they have enough tenants for the square footage they're looking at already. This isn't speculative redevelopment, it's solid."