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Oregon couple buys Soldier Mountain Ski Area

The ski hill in Fairfield, Idaho, was sold for $149,000
Matt and Diane McFerran

FAIRFIELD, Idaho – A couple from Bend, Oregon are the proud new owners of Soldier Mountain.

The ski area went up for sale last month at a price of $149,000. That's the amount the current owner says they owe the bank for the last three years of improvements.

The Soldier Mountain non-profit says more than 2,000 people wanted to buy the ski area in Fairfield, Idaho.

They told us today that the board members decided Matt and Diane McFerran were simply the best fit for the mountain, and believe they'll be invested in the Fairfield community as well.

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Matt McFerran says they are ecstatic.

"Jaw dropped, we were very excited," he said. "We are running on adrenaline."

McFerran tells us he works in pharmaceutical sales research and his wife Diane owns a Pilates studio.

The couple, who are in their late thirties, lives in Bend, but are planning to move to Fairfield this weekend. They both grew up near ski resorts and love to backcountry ski.


He says owning a ski area has always been a dream for them, and they couldn't pass up this opportunity.

"The price on this was definitely appealing and made it seem affordable to a lot of people, and our life situation we are fortunate to be able to jump on this and chase our dream," said McFerran. "I think that the board really liked our enthusiasm and drive, and I hope that shows through."

McFerran says they plan to have the mountain open this season and will begin working right away on leasing snowmaking equipment.

He says plans for the future will include adding mountain bike trails, lodging, backcountry skiing, and better advertising.

The McFerrans have actually never been to Soldier Mountain, but they are excited to get started on this project.

They will be honoring season passes already sold. Now, they are just praying for lots of snow.