Restaurants and other businesses are closer to home for many people living in Boise, and if you look around today you'll find more businesses right in residential neighborhoods.

It's part of a initiative city leaders have been working on for years called Energizing Our Neighborhoods.

"It's about creating a dynamic neighborhood that has its own unique character," city spokesman Mike Journee said. "Neighborhoods are the foundation of our city. They really do create the character that makes Boise what it is."

As Boise continues grow and thrive, Journee said it's important to create lively neighborhoods.

"Recognizing that creating opportunities for people to walk and bike and get around in their own neighborhoods at the same time opportunities to live work and play there," he said.

He said doing this provides all kinds of opportunities that benefit all kinds of people. One example he gives is the Linen District.

"Several years ago there was investment made in there from some developers and now you're seeing a very vibrant area down there with lots of restaurants, lots of great opportunities,” Journee said. “To live, to shop, to work right in the same area."

Opportunities entrepreneurs are taking. Look at the Lusk District where more and more businesses are popping up. Jake Black, the owner of Lost Grove Brewery, said the location is what inspired him to open his business.

"Eight blocks from downtown Boise, two blocks from Boise State's campus, two blocks from busiest park in the city, two blocks off the Greenbelt,” he said. “It's just very centrally located and a gorgeous part of town."

He’s not the only one. Just a few doors down Madre, a boutique taqueria, is set to open in mid-February. The owners said it's a location that they couldn't pass up.

"Businesses are finding it a very attractive place,” Journee said. “It's at a crossroads with the Greenbelt, near the park, close to Boise State University."

"We're very excited just about the opportunities in this neighborhood,” Black said. “With Boise Bicycle Project right behind us, it's a big draw, and The Shed has fantastic food. We've heard nothing but good things about the chef that's opening up Madre’s. Dawson Taylor is a really fun partner as well, so I think we've got a really good mix down here."