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As housing prices continue to soar in North Idaho, couple makes yacht their home and business

Some families in North Idaho are seeking alternative housing options to stay afloat in a rapidly shifting economy. For the Bonds, that is to be taken literally.

BAYVIEW, Idaho — North Idaho's land prices have been steadily rising, forcing some families to seek alternative housing options to stay afloat in a rapidly shifting economy. For Molly and Cameron Bond, staying "afloat" is to be taken literally.

The Bonds are the crew of Adventure One with Great Northern Nautical, a private yacht charter business that takes people out for lunch and dinner cruises around Lake Pend Oreille.

“It’s like a squished-up New York apartment,” Molly Bond said. “It’s a New York apartment with a good view."

According to the couple’s company website, the tour offers a variety of “pre-planned” charters, including a three-hour sunset cruise, wildlife photography tours, wedding tours and more.

All of Molly and Cameron’s success did not happen overnight, as the birth of Adventure One came from perseverance through Bayview, Idaho's rising land prices.

“When I first invested in Bayview, prices were economical,” Molly Bond said of Bayview’s land prices. “But, its undeniably true that prices have skyrocketed."

The couple weighed their options between a 1970s single wide trailer in Athol or a 47-ft. yacht. After 30 days of dock fees, boat maintenance and gas prices, the couple is certain they’ve made the right choice.

“This is our business, this is our home,” Cameron Bond said. “We don’t own anything else.”

“Living aboard is the hardest and most expensive way to live the cheap and easy life,” Molly Bond added.

With their home and business now in full swing, Molly and Cameron say the real joy for their work comes from their land neighbors across the way.

“And that's kind of the beauty of living in a small town is everybody knows us, and everybody is really friendly and I don't know its kind of utopian,” Molly Bond said.

This story is part of KREM 2's Boomtown Week. Watch stories about the impacts of growth in Spokane and North Idaho all week long from Monday, Nov. 8 through Friday, Nov. 12. 

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