Studies show two out of three people will get their smartphone wet. That mistake can be costly!

We've all been there or observed it first hand: A smartphone falls out of a hand and into a puddle, into a toilet, into a sink or that beverage spills right on top. It can cost you $600 or for some iPhone users, it can be a $1,200+ mistake.

While service plans are great, they have high deductibles. By the time you actually get your water-damaged smartphone to a repair facility or dealer, many of them are using the same rescue system I just finished testing.

The EVAP Wet Phone Rescue pouch works with iPhones, Android and countless other electronics. If you've ever heard of using a bag of rice to absorb moisture from a phone, it's not always successful. The EVAP kit worked in 96% of our tests following significant iPhone water damage.

Click the play button to watch the EVAP Rescue Kit in action.

How does it work?

1. After your phone is soaked or water damaged, dry it out and put it into the EVAP Rescue Pouch
2. Within 6 to 24 hours, the EVAP pouch will notify you via a humidity indicator whether your phone is ready
3. Power on your phone. In 90% of independent third-party tests and 96% of the time in our tests, your phone will work!

If it doesn't work every time, what's the point in buying this?

It's 700% more effective at removing moisture compared to rice. Being able to score two kits today for $20 is a fraction of an insurance deductible or what it would cost to replace a phone. In my opinion, for $20 with the odds on your side, it's worth the risk and cost.

At its lowest recorded price, this is the top kit we tested:

50% Off TWO Kensington EVAP Tech Water Rescue Kits
Was: $39.99
Now: $19.99

Matt Granite is a freelance consumer reporter who produces stories and video for this station, Amazon Live and others. Neither Matt nor this station are compensated by the brands featured here.