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BUY IT NOW: 40 percent off Sienna Aqua Steam Mop with free shipping

It's been a tremendous week for sterilizing, cleaning and saving. You can thank the end of the spring cleaning season for these closeout deals. On Monday, the best robo vac and robo mop I've tested dropped to its lowest-recorded price; yesterday I featured a gadget for sterilizing and killing the germs on your toothbrush; and today we take care of your floors — and carpets!

If you still think getting a good floor sanitization or carpet scrub requires you to be on your hands and knees, today you get an upgrade! If you have ever called a professional to do the work for you, the entire steam cleaner I found on sale costs less than one professional visit today.

The Sienna Aqua Steam Mop will kill 99.9 percent of household bacteria. With my 11-month-old baby girl crawling and spending a great deal of time on the floor, this steam mop is a staple in my household.

The Sienna Aqua Steam Mop renews sealed hard floors and for those of us still using a Swiffer, you can actually remove stains and dirt with a much-needed deeper clean. The included carpet glider means you can move to carpets in a split second.

How is this better than the Shark Steam Mop?

I test and love many of the Shark products that I feature regularly, but for $100 less than the best-selling Shark S3973D (selling for $159.99 on Amazon right now), the $59.99 Sienna Aqua gets you more bang for your buck.

The Shark Steam Mop weighs 11 pounds while the Sienna weighs in at only 6.4 pounds. That five-pound difference makes the Sienna easier to maneuver, particularly for anyone living with accessibility issues.

The Shark Steam Mop has a 500-milliliter tank, while the Sienna has a 561-milliliter tank, which means you get more steam coverage without having to fill up the reservoir quite as fast. I also found the Sienna's more powerful motor was better at removing dirt from grout. Once you add in the $100 discount, the Sienna is the way to go in my opinion.

Click the play button to see what I tested out in action and another crawling cameo from my baby daughter!

Features of the Sienna Aqua Steam Mop:

  • Removes tough, greasy messes
  • Sanitizes, kills and removes 99.9 percent of harmful bacteria
  • No need to use toxic detergents of any kind
  • Deodorizes, sanitizes and cleans in seconds
  • Large 19-fluid ounce — 561-milliliter — water tank allows for fewer fill-up interruptions
  • Eliminates 99.9 percent of household bacteria from carpet
  • Extremely lightweight and highly portable at 6 pounds
  • Steam floor settings deliver just the right amount of steam for sealed wood, vinyl, tile and steam only
  • Heats up faster than competing products
  • $100 less today than a Shark Steam Mop

BUY IT NOW: 40 percent off Sienna Aqua Steam Mop with free shipping
Was: $99.99
Now: $59.99
***Choice of colors available


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