BUY IT NOW: Save $75 off on Focus@Will Premium

  • WHAT IS THIS? A lifetime premium subscription to Focus@Will, a scientifically-optimized music service
  • WHO WOULD THIS BE PERFECT FOR? Those who are easily distracted and need help focusing
  • WHY SHOULD YOU BUY THIS? It’s scientifically proven to increase your attention span and can improve your productivity by 400%. Plus, it’s 76% off.

If music is medicine and you’re suffering from the inability to focus, then we’ve got the perfect prescription: Focus@Will.

Whether you’re trying to complete a major project for work, study for a test, or just sit down and get your taxes done, concentrating is easier said than done. Avoiding distractions is tough when they’re literally all around you. Fortunately, Focus@Will has a scientifically-proven way to increase your attention span.

Focus@Will is a music service that reduces distractions, like your noisy co-workers or the obnoxious ticking of the clock, so you can actually get work done. How? The app curates music channels scientifically-optimized to eliminate distractions and help you focus. While you might want to jam out to your favorite band, doing so will probably hinder your productivity, rather than help. Instead, Focus@Will offers over 50 curated channels — from ambient to electro bach — that can increase your productivity by up to 400%.

Typically, a 1-year subscription to Focus@Will would cost $100, but you can get it for just $24.95 at or a lifetime subscription for $69.95.

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