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BUY IT NOW: $70 off Pur Shiatsu Robotic Foot Massager with free shipping

It's been two years since I've had the chance to profile a price drop on a robo foot massager. Why? Many of the ones on the market break after a few months of use and when I do find them on sale, they sell out in minutes. Let's change that today!

The foot massager that I just finished testing has been in use in my home since last Black Friday. I never featured the Pur Shiatsu Kneading Robo Massager during the holidays on my deal lists because it was sold out before I could even write an article. With that being said, almost eight months later, this is one of the best robots in my smart home!

If you have back pain or knee pain, that often ties into your feet and that's what we need to take care of as we step in to summer. Whether I'm carrying my 11-month-old around the neighborhood or moving a box of products to test, all feet need some TLC. 

If you're reading this, chances are you're on your feet all day. Chasing after kids, serving others, walking a dog, cooking, standing behind a desk or caring for a loved one can take a toll on your feet.

My favorite robo massager offers reflexology and soothing massage benefits on the spot. You can truly feel the benefits of the kneading and stress relief in seconds. The optional heat control makes this deal even more enticing today.

Click the play button to see this robo foot massager in action. 

Features of the Pur Shiatsu Kneading Robo Massager:

  • Instantly relives foot pain with compression.
  • Instant and adjustable heat settings for muscle relief.
  • Shiatsu mode relieves joint pain.
  • Fully adjustable modes, settings and "massage trips."
  • Kneading works out cramps that could affect how you walk.
  • Gently stretches your feet which is great for athletes and yoga enthusiasts.
  • Can be used under a desk while you are working.
  • Ideal for pampering while you are watching TV or completing other tasks.
  • Rolling and kneading wheels massage the feet with the perfect amount of pressure.
  • Get Black Friday pricing with today's promotion.

BUY IT NOW: $70 off Pur Shiatsu Robotic Foot Massager with free shipping
Was: $169.99
Now: $99.99


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