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BUY IT NOW: $100 Off Sonicool Ultrasonic Indoor / Outdoor Portable Cooling Fan + Free Shipping

Tired of the hot weather? My favorite piece of tech for the summer and beyond can help you cool off! Today my favorite misting fan and personal cooling device is at its lowest recorded price.

If you've ever sat on a patio in dry or humid heat, you've likely seen restaurants and hotels using misters. The Sonicool Ultrasonic combines misting, an oscillating high powered fan and a silent low-voltage design. It provided a higher level of comfort on the hottest days of my tests, which included recent trips to Arizona and New York City.

Ready for use indoors or outside with a rechargeable battery that lasts close to eight hours, you can plug this portable cooling unit into an RV's DC adapter or use it from a standard wall outlet.

If you live with pets, children, a new baby (in my case) or are a senior or you live with parents or grandparents, this could make a hot room safer and more comfortable. It's also great or those with allergies, asthma and anyone looking to keep cool,.

Click the play button to see this product in action.

- Works inside or outside

- Rechargeable battery lasts up to 8 hours

- Plugs in to a standard wall outlet or DC adapter

- Features three misting levels

- Great for camping, boating, tailgating, pets and seniors

- Just add water and cool mister quickly cools you off

- Silent operation with no assembly required

- Works great bedside or desk side

- Quiet, cool and effective operation

- Ideal for those with asthma or allergies

- Essential for homes, dorms and apartments without AC

- Lowest-recorded price today

$100 Off Sonicool Ultrasonic Indoor / Outdoor Portable Cooling Fan + Free Shipping

Was: $199.99

Now: $99.99


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