Greek yogurt maker Chobani broke ground today on a $20 million expansion of the world's largest plant in Twin Falls.

The company says the new state-of-the-art complex is set to serve not just the company, but the entire community.

Chobani founder and CEO Hamdi Ulukaya says he's thrilled to begin building a 70,000 square-foot innovation facility in a region he's dubbed the "Silicon Valley of food."

The new facility is going to have a lot going on inside it.

A real highlight though will be the new home for Chobani's global research and development team.

Chobani says inspired by the nature of the Magic Valley, the center represents the future of U.S. manufacturing – with some 30,000 square feet of glass putting transparency and sunlight at the center of its design.

The new facility will also include a 2,000 square-foot fitness center that Chobani says they hope will help employees improve their health and reduce stress through exercise.

The company says they are committed to creating jobs and economic opportunity in Twin Falls.

So, Chobani hired local architects and engineers to design this facility and brought on local contractors and workers to build it.

Company officials say a real motivation behind this project is to continue to make a big positive impact on the local economy.

Chobani hopes to have the new facility up and running by summer 2018.

The company, based in New York, employs 2,000 employees.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.