Inside Boise’s "Trailhead" creative space, local startups work together to launch their products. Wednesday was launch day for one of those startups, Lovevery, which soon hopes to have their product in stores nationwide.

Lovevery has now launched a play gym for babies that is aimed to help children develop during their first year.

"For me it came from a moment of inspiration when I had my child, I wondered - what is going on with their development?" said Lovevery co-founder Jessica Rolph.

That curiosity is what helped launch the startup in their goal of creating a new and innovative product.

"It has everything a baby needs for their first year of life for developing their senses, for developing their motor skills, it really is a reinvention of what has been known as a play gym," said Rolph.

Lovevery hasn't been alone in their journey. By being a part of the shared community space at BoDo's Trailhead, the staff has been able to work alongside other startups that are also vying for their ideas to become a reality.

"Trailhead is a space for entrepreneurs to incubate and really cross pollinate and think about how they can help each other and create an ecosystem, in the city of Boise," said Rod Morris, co-founder of Lovevery.

Rolph and Morris say the impact that interactions at Trailhead had on their final product are easy to see.

"Trailhead put us in touch with lots of people who informed our design, helped us get the project done, helped connect us with warehousing resources," said Morris.

Lovevery hopes that ultimately the play gym and future products will catch on and be available in retail stores across the country.

"We really want to create confidence with parents, we really want to create a moment for connection between a baby and parents, and really have babies have just what they need, and empower parents to know what their baby wants," said Rolph.

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