Albertsons is trying to make convenience stores a lot more than convenient.

Enter the classy convenience store.

Located on Parkcenter Boulevard and Apple Street in east Boise, the store will have a modern and classy feel and will even include a drive-thru.

Inside the store you'll find a lot more than just candy, chips and energy drinks.

"We have fresh food offerings. Fresh fruit, fresh vegetables. Sandwiches made daily to offer to our customers out here at our convenience store,” said fuel sales manager Rachel Jones. “We're also really excited to try our new drive-thru concept. So from 6 a.m. to 11 p.m. each day, we'll get our customers anything they need through our drive-thru."

The fuel center will also have five different types of fuel including fuel for your lawn mowers or recreational vehicles.

This is the first Albertsons classy convenience store in the region. More stores are planned in the future.