EAGLE -- An Eagle Vietnam veteran recieved special recognition last night for his service and work to preserve history.

The Daughters of the American Revolution presented Ken Rodgers with a medal for patriotism Thursday night.

Rodgers turned his company's experience during a 77-day siege in Vietnam into a documentary. The film tells the story of how the war still impacts veterans and their families.

Rodgers and his wife, Betty Rodgers, said they hope the documentary helps start a national conversation about the realities of war and its aftermath.

"The concept of a patriot so often is rally around the flag and let's go off fight a war," he said. "War's not like that, combat's not like that, so I don't see myself as being that kind of patriot."

The film, titled 'Bravo! Common Men, Uncommon Valor' won the Best Feature prize at a San Diego film festival last year.

The Rodgers are already working on their next film.