BOISE -- Tiny Houses are popping up more and more across the country, but one built in Boise is set to make a difference for the community.

For $100 dollars a ticket, Metro Community Services, based out of Canyon County, is raffling off a tiny house in August to create funds for local seniors in need.

Only 1,000 tickets will be sold, but that will still generate $100,000.

"We can help our meals on wheels programs in Ada and Canyon County. By selling one of these houses, that will help 20,000 seniors receive meals," said Matt Jones, Marketing and Communications Director Metro Community Services.

Square foot wise, the house number is on the low end. With 192 square feet on the base and 8 more in the loft, it measures in at a modest 200 square feet.

It makes sense though, it was made by a small group.

A class of nine students that are part of a trades program at COSSA academy built the whole thing by themselves.

"These kids are able to really work on their skill sets their trade skills and then it's being used to really go so much greater than what they are doing as far as helping seniors that really face insecurity on a daily basis," said Jones.

Finishing the house was no pint-sized project, the students spent 5 days a week from November till June perfecting every little detail.

It is small, but it’s close to having it all. The tiny house includes a kitchen with a sink, fridge, stove and oven.

With the help of some community partners, the students were able to deck it out with lots of extras including a hot water heater and air conditioning unit.

"We installed a lot of energy efficient features so a lot of that did bump up the value, as you can see, all of the details all the supplies we used just phenomenal," said Jones.

Most people probably have given little thought to living in a tiny house, but some think it has a big upside

"It's a good way to get away, you can set it up as a cabin you could also use it as your home i really do believe anyone could live in this as their actual home and maybe rent out their home they have now and live in this," said Jones.

No matter what the winner of the tiny house wants to do with it, the proceeds from the auction will be making a big difference.

For more information on the tiny house auction click here or call 208-459-0063.