BOISE - Thanksgiving starts the clock on the season of giving, but for the 30 volunteers with Story Link it's a clock that runs year-round.

The founder of Story Link, Mary Ann Kojis, says, "Our mission is connecting children and incarcerated parents with the gift of reading."

Story Link volunteers visit six prisons in Idaho recording the voices of parents and grandparents reading a favorite book to their children and grandchildren.

That recording - along with the book are then given - to their children to listen to over and over again.

Aerial Luna says that's exactly what her four kids do.

"I'm not there right now to read them a book, and so the Story Link for me is sending this home to them and they can see that mom is still trying to keep in contact with us and do the things that a mother should do," she says.

Since 2001, 10,000 children have received the books and recordings from their incarcerated parents.

Moms like Jessica Swearingen credit Story Link with helping them restore damaged relationships.

"I was raised to be a better mother than I was being," she says. "I can't wait to go home and get to be that mother, and this program was kind of a step to prove that to them like, 'Listen, I'm coming home and we're going to do this right.'

"It makes me feel better too, to know that if she's having a rough day you know her and daddy can just grab the CD and the book and hear my voice and go to sleep and I'm the last voice she's heard. It's an amazing thing that they've provided for us to do."

Story Link is in need of more volunteers to meet the demand for their service. They also need book donations.

If you'd like to help, more information can be found at the Liberty Belle Ministries website.