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Life in Balance: Treasure Valley dietitian encourages consistency when trying to eat more healthy

Pohley Richey also says you don't have to choose the healthiest option every time.

BOISE, Idaho — Many people want to try and eat more healthy, but it can be hard to actually execute their plan. 

Local health and wellness dietitian, Pohley Richey, says the easiest way to make those healthy choices attainable is having fresh options always on hand.

"I think too, that making those healthy choices it's really about consistency," Richey said. "You don't have to choose the healthiest option every single time, but it's really about making the majority of your meals and health choices healthy and I think that's what gets you on the path to health. Being consistent with those choices."

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Richey also says your food should be appealing to the eye or it just won't be sustainable ton continue eating healthy long-term.

"My healthy food, I want it to look beautiful, I want it to taste delicious, I want it to convey that fresh, healthy vibe, basically, so when you look at it you know it's fresh, it's healthy, it's delicious," she said.

She says the great thing about making your own meals is you know exactly what you're eating.

"You know the ingredients, where you got them, how much of each thing is in there, you can pronounce all of the ingredients you've put into your food," Richey said.

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 Although kids may need more convincing when it comes to changing to a more healthy lifestyle, Richey says they always look to their parents as an example.

"You just keep trying and doing your best and I think it's important to, as parents, we're all trying to be a little healthier and I think it's important to model that healthy behavior," she said.

Richey put together one of her favorite spring dishes, called a Spring Roll Salad, to show how healthy can taste good. She also made skewers to go on top of the salad and a great dessert. 

You can find the recipes on her website

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