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Tucked In Tuesday: Kuna school principal reads to his students on Facebook LIVE to inspire a love of reading

Crimson Point Elementary Principal Brandon Crusat started Tucked In Tuesday, where he reads a book to his students LIVE on the school's Facebook page every Tuesday night, and it's a big hit with the kids.

KUNA, Idaho — Brandon Crusat is the principal of Crimson Point Elementary School in Kuna, and he loves to read to his students and is turning to social media to share that love with them.

“I really love when teachers say, 'Hey, I want you to come in and read to my class,' and I always say yes to those invitations,” he said.

Crusat is now spreading his love for reading with the help of social media platforms. He recently started Tucked In Tuesday, where he reads a book to his students LIVE on the Crimson Point Elementary Facebook page.

Credit: KTVB
Crimson Point Elementary Principal Brandon Crusat visiting a classroom, reading to his students.

“It's a really easy thing to do, getting on my phone or iPad for fifteen minutes one night a week. Reading a book, just like I like to do here at school. It's a LIVE event and they kind of feel like I am reading them a book before they head off to bed,” Crusat said.

The first time he tried it, it was an immediate hit with the students and their families.

“Kids will get on their parents’ Facebook accounts and say, 'Hey, I'm watching right now.' The kids seemed like they liked it” Crusat said.

He says Tucked In Tuesday also sparks conversations about reading with kids in the hallways at school.

“The next day kids were coming up saying, 'Hey I got to watch Tucked in Tuesday, I got to tune in with you,' and then we get to visit about the book a little bit,” Crusat said.

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Crimson Point students get to choose the books he reads each week. Crusat hopes he's inspiring a love for reading in his students. He also said this is one more way to connect with his students and helps build relationships with them.

“I don't want my office to be the scary place, I want kids to come show me the cool work that they did, or come up here and have a conversation with me and feel that I'm very accessible," Crusat said. "I'm just another adult they can trust." 

While the school year is winding down, Crusat hopes to continue Tucked In Tuesday throughout the summer and right into the new school year to keep his students reading, but he needs more books to read. 

Since he's reading them on Facebook, he needs author permission to do so. If you are an author of a children's book, and you are willing to give Crusat permission to read your book LIVE on Facebook, please contact the school. You can call 208-955-0230 or message the school on Facebook

“I think this is something that will stick,” he said.

Crusat welcomes other families who might want to tune into the school Facebook page and listen in to Tucked In Tuesday on Tuesdays at 7:30 p.m.

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