BOISE, Idaho — This week's Treasure Valley Instagram Star is Scott Wink, the mind behind @boisesbestbites. If you love food, you may want to give him a follow.

Wink is a pharmacist by day, and a foodie all the time! He visits Boise restaurants and blogs about them online and on Instagram. The Boise food scene is growing so fast, and he says that's why his @boisesbestbites account following is growing too. He's up to over 37,000 followers.

"I moved here for work and just loved it, and started getting into the history of the community and the flavor of the area. and the flavor of the community and morphed that over into Boise's Best Bites. And it kinda took off! I think people were looking for food information trying to figure out all the new chefs and restaurants", said Wink

Wink says there are so many amazing options when it comes to eating out here in Boise. You can find cuisine from all over the world.

"You can get really good Korean food here, and really great Thai food here, and I think the area is really starting to offer food internationally that people in Idaho aren't used to, but they are really liking it", said Wink.

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He takes his family out to eat regularly, then posts about what they eat. His followers and local restaurants seem to love it.

"My wife and I are very adventurous eaters, and we have a couple of small kids. So, we just work it into where we go as a family or where we go for lunch. We're always seeking out the newest stuff and fun and creative chefs, so it's not a lot of effort. we're going to these places anyway and promoting what we like", said Wink.

Wink doesn't earn money, or do ads with his Instagram account and blog, food is simply his passion. But, he is trying something new this month. He created and organized the Boise Ice Cream Festival. It's going on now through June 15. He's hoping to break even on it!

"I've just kind of partnered with the chefs and ice cream makers in town. And pitched the idea and they have all loved it, and they have all added their spin to it. It went from a three- or four-day festival with five or six events, to 20 days with 30 events so it's really taken off!" said Wink

Dozens of restaurants are taking part, and offering special items on their menus curated just for the festival. The grand ice cream tasting finale is on June 15th at JUMP in Boise. There will be over 200 different ice cream flavors to try! For more information, visit the website.