Although Christmas is still three days away, several Treasure Valley families received an early Christmas present on Friday as they welcomed their loved ones home for the holidays at the Boise Airport.

Friends and family for both Haden Shields and Amy Saleen patiently waited outside security at the airport on Friday.

“This is her first trip home, she gets to come home for Christmas,” Donna Saleen, Amy's mom said.

“I haven't seen him, in it feels like forever,” Suzanne Shields, Haden's mom said.

Although both the Saleen and Shields families don't know each other, they're both connected in a similar way as they have loved ones serving in the United States Air Force.

They both also gave their loved ones a hero's welcome on Friday.

“I was so excited. It is so great to have her home and for Christmas. We've missed her,” Donna said.

“We're so proud of him and it's amazing to have him home for the time we get to have him and make some more family memories,” Suzanne said.

Today was a day the Shields family wasn't sure would ever come when their son left home back in July.

“There were a few times that he didn't know for sure. So as soon as we got the confirmation that we could get plane tickets we were, we knew it was going to happen, first in line,” Suzanne said.

The Saleen family circled the homecoming day on their calendar.

“It was really special, when I first came in it was really special and I saw my mom and that's all I was really paying attention to,” Amy Saleen said.

Two families who had Christmas come a little early.

“It means a lot. I've missed home so much and coming home to see my family, it's incredible,” Amy said.

“I'm just going to try and cherish every moment I have,” Haden said.

Amy and Haden are only home for a little over a week before they go back to Texas to finish training and tech school.