NAMPA, Idaho — Jasmine Snooks was born and raised in Nampa. She's a wife, mom of three, and a hairdresser. She's also a social media maven. She teaches her followers on Facebook and Instagram how to have stronger, more beautiful, healthy hair.

Snooks has almost 200,000 loyal followers on Instagram, and close to 100,000 on Facebook.

"I'm from Nampa, I was born and raised here, grew up on a farm, my parents were potato farmers. I'm married to my husband Aaron. We have three kids, we have two boys and we just had our first baby girl," said Snooks.

Snooks is building a hair care empire from her home salon in Nampa, something she has always wanted. She loves being close to her three young kids, and running a lucrative business at the same time.

"I always knew I wanted to have a salon in my house, my first goal was to be a mom. We struggled with infertility, I didn't know if that dream would come true, but then it finally did and we're so grateful for that. It's so nice being so close to them, they know I'm right out here so they know mom isn't too far away," said Snooks
She said her social media success happened by accident. She ordered a product from a popular company called L'ange on Facebook, and then posted a video about how to use the product. The company noticed her, and reached out to her.

"I had purchased a wand from a company called L'ange and I saw an ad on Facebook, and I just showed this is how I curl my hair. They had me do a live video on their account. I preached a lot of hair care because that is my comfort zone as a hair dresser," said Snooks "Since then, things have grown like wildfire."

Snooks helps clients reverse hair damage, and train their hair to be stronger and healthier. Her long, gorgeous signature hair is proof that she knows what she's talking about.

"I teach people and train them how to go longer in between washes, and how that in turn can better their hair quality. People learn so much, and they start implementing my techniques, and they are like my hair is transformed, it's changing."

Snooks makes a percentage of everything that she sells on social media through L'ange. That has enabled her to build a booming business. She has some exciting things on the horizon.

"I actually am currently developing a product line specific to my hair training techniques. It says L'ange on the bottle and then it says Jasmine Rae. We're developing a slew of products, and a brush and things that will come as a kit."

Her business has become a family affair. Her husband is now her partner. He hopes to take Jasmine Rae and Co. to a new level of success.

"My husband actually quit his job to help me," said Snooks

With so many people watching her every move as a hair expert, a wife and a mother, she says she also wants to encourage women to be confident in their own skin. She shares her family, her struggles, and her heart with her followers.

"I just don't want women to sit on the sidelines and watch their lives pass them by and look back and have regrets," said Snooks

The future is bright for this Nampa woman. Her new hair care line will launch in December, it's expected to be a big hit with her loyal followers.

"This is so much bigger than I ever imagined! It's been so rewarding."

You can follow Jasmine Snooks at @jasmineraehairco on Instagram. Look for her on Facebook, too.