A lot of us avoid being outside when it's cold and we try to keep kids inside where it's warm, but in McCall you will find little ones in the woods even when it's bitterly cold, raining or windy.

Roots Forest School operates outdoors September through May. It's the only outdoor preschool in the state.

"I don't really want to be outside all day (in the winter) but the kids seem to love it," said Heidi Summerfield, who sends her daughter to the Roots Forest School.

"She wouldn't accept going to inside school," said Amy Rush, who sends her daughter to the school as well.

During our visit to the school we certainly heard a lot of laughter and witnessed a lot of learning in the trees.

Stephanie Day started the program three years ago. She's also a teacher for the parent-toddler class. Day says the school uses a place-based learning approach.

"Learning through play is what you do but we're using this place as a foundation for that early literacy and math," said Day, who is the program director.

She says there is also a natural focus on teamwork.

"That's a huge part of what we're doing out here," said Day. "When you're outside there are so many opportunities to work together on things or you see something exciting and you want to show your friends."

"Maybe a fox runs by or deer go by and you know it's nothing the teachers plan for so it gives them their opportunity to take advantage of nature when it shows up," said Richard Taplin, who is the Ponderosa State Park Manager.

All that Roots Forest School encompasses is why parents like Summerfield and Rush are happy they're choosing the program for their kids to learn in, and often they say, some of that knowledge is passed on to them.

"Lyla is ahead of where she needs to be already for kindergarten and this has been her preschool experience," said Rush.

"She (Isabel) comes home and she teaches me about the trees she knows which trees are what, she knows how seeds are carried from place to place and so she's already leaps and bounds ahead of other kids just understanding how the world works," said Summerfield.

"So it's not a question of sacrificing any of the academics to have the outdoor experience," said Rush. "They really go hand in hand."

The Roots Forest School started almost three years ago and is a half day program. If you would like to learn more click here.