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Inspired by royal wedding, Idahoans still have their own style

One wedding planner says Idaho brides are more likely to incorporate do-it-yourself, interactive displays.

BOISE -- It was the wedding seen around the world with an American TV audience estimated at 29.2 million tuning in to see Prince Harry and Meghan Markle tie the knot. That's more than the 23 million Americans who watched Prince William and Kate Middleton's nuptials in 2011.

It seems Americans can't get enough of the pomp and circumstance of the real-life fairy tale wedding. However, not everyone is a royal and not everyone has a $50 million dollar royal wedding budget.

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"The chances of someone literally having an unlimited budget is unheard of," said Teresa Sandros, owner and founder of Bliss Events in Boise.

Sandros has been planning and designing weddings in Idaho for 13 years, and her company handles 200 weddings each year.

"Pinterest, social media, all those things have just made the popularity of weddings, from the do-it-yourself bride to the lavish events, just more and more abundant and popular," Sandros said.

And you could say a bit more expensive. A 2017 survey from The Knot found American couples spend on average $33,391 on weddings. The same survey found Idaho couples spend an average of $21,987.

"Our average budget at Bliss Events is probably somewhere around $25,000, but we've gone all the way to $300,000 and we've helped people for just a couple of hundred dollars," Sandros said.

Sandros is quick to add that a wedding doesn't have to be expensive to be beautiful.

"I've seen weddings on a small budget that are creative and special and personalized, and that makes all the difference," Sandros said.

One of her DIY favorites is to spray paint old bottles in a variety of sizes. Glitter and metallic spray paint can add an elegant touch.

"And the openings of the bottles are really small so you can actually just put a couple of flowers versus a container with a big opening," Sandros said. "You don't really think about it, but a larger container would need $40 to $50 dollars of flowers, versus the smaller-mouthed bottles that would need only about $12 of flowers."

Sandros says another Idaho wedding trend you didn't see at the royal wedding is a self-ordained wedding officiant.

"The biggest trend that we've seen over the last couple of years is having an ordained family or friend perform the ceremony," she said. "They really have those personal stories of maybe a time they saw you together or how you met. It just adds that personal touch that so many couples are looking for."

Idaho brides are also more likely to incorporate do-it-yourself, interactive displays.

"Something like a food station where guests can kind make or build their own food. Guests could make their own granola bag, trail mix, or make their own s'mores," Sandros said.

There is no doubt Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's wedding will spark new trends in the wedding business. Kate Middleton's wedding gown brought back the long sleeves.

"Kate wore long sleeves, which for awhile it was all brides wearing strapless dresses. So that was a big change," Sandros said.

But no matter how big the pomp and circumstance across the pond, Idaho couples are likely to design their weddings in their own way.

"People are making their weddings so personal to them, with their budget and their venue," Sandros said.

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