There's one snack that I think, or I would hope, that everyone can agree that they love - popcorn! I found a place that churns out bags of popcorn like it's nobody's business and you might have even seen those bags in local convenience stores!

Black Canyon Gourmet Popcorn is in Kuna, and if you're new to the area and walking down the street you might miss it. Jessica Astle is far from isolated in her shop though, she's been around for a few years and has constant visitors to grab a bag or two or just to say hi.

The first thing that caught my eye about this particular popcorn were all the flavors! I mean, have you EVER heard of orange dreamsicle popcorn?! I don't think so. Some other pretty cool flavors are jalapeno cheddar and chocolate and peanut butter. If you're drooling a little bit, that's okay.

When they're open (only two days a week as Jessica balances her seven kids) everyone works like a well-oiled machine, from popping the kernels to mixing the flavors.

I helped make a Kettle Corn batch, and my goodness the smell just made me want to hop right in the kettle!

Jessica says they primarily sell to wholesale companies who then distribute the bags of popcorn to their stores. One of those stores is the Stinker Station. Although they make sales by the truckloads to these stores, don't worry! You can get your hands on a bag, or two, or ten! No judgment.

You can find Jessica's contact information on her website and place your order just in time for your next movie night.