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You Can Grow It: Idahoans share stunning spring flower photos

KTVB's Jim Duthie features viewers' photos to share some ideas to expand your flower gardens and home landscapes.

BOISE, Idaho — Last week on You Can Grow It, KTVB garden master Jim Duthie shared many viewers' beautiful spring flower pictures to inspire others with ideas for their gardens at home. 

So many wonderful pictures were posted on the You Can Grow It Facebook page, that Duthie decided to share more this week. Take a look below for some ideas to expand your flower gardens and home landscapes. Also, share your pictures with KTVB. 

Idaho gardeners are very talented, not only in growing gorgeous plants and flowers, but also taking stunning pictures of them as well. Here are a few more:

First, there are all sorts of water plants and Alisa Maleshka grows a salt water garden. These zoanthid corals are not plants at all, but are actually classified as animals. They make a beautiful underwater garden.

Credit: Alisa Maleshka

Irises have been putting on quite the show this spring, like these beautiful white ones with blue edging that Leslie Brady captured in her garden. 

Credit: Leslie Brady

Lisa Hoel shows us this eye-catching yellow and indigo purple-bearded irises blooming in her yard. 

Credit: Lisa Hoel

June Johnson's bright-yellow iris almost glows like sunshine in contrast to this unique lavender-colored bloom. 

Credit: June Johnson

Robert Kulm shows off this beautiful pink iris with frilly plum-colored falls. Kulm call it his "gorgeous iris with an unfortunate name," because the name of this iris variety is baboon bottom. It makes Duthie wonder if there are any baboons with iris bottoms.

Credit: Robert Randell Kulm

Jilana Ridgeway also has a gorgeous pink iris with a darker royal purple fall. No name mentioned here, but she also shared these dainty little white Johnny jump-ups, which are members of the pansy family.

Credit: Jilana Young Ridgeway

Lorri Dunn-Keller has a mass planting of multi-colored lupines that are exploding with blooms. 

Credit: Lorri Dunn-Keller

Diana Day's crimson lupine is a perfect match alongside the blossoming peonies.

Credit: Diana Day

Bees love lupines of any color, like Twyla Sherman's pretty pink and yellow ones.

Credit: Twyla Wilson Sherman

Bees are also attracted to this purple allium in Kelly Reynold's garden at her new home. Alliums are part of the onion family, but are prized for their beautiful blossoms. 

Credit: Kelly Reynolds

For a summer-long display of amazing color and texture, you can't bear clematis. Rachel Pascua has some beautiful vines, like this one in contrasting pink and purple, as well as lavender beauty.

Did you know clematis comes in more than 300 colorful varieties? 

Credit: Rachel Pascua

Clematis are popular because they brighten up any corner of the garden and look spectacular growing up this arch in Peggy Orcutt's garden.

Credit: Peggy Orcutt

Kate Fredericksen has a bright-white clematis growing alongside a variety of shade-loving hostas.

Credit: Kate Fredericksen

Janice Black's Foothills garden features a collection of perennials that are beginning to bloom along a rock wall. A dainty wire arch invites you to wander through the native grasses and other blooming perennials into the back yard. 

Credit: Janice Teed Black

Eve Powers has a mass-planting of various shades of pretty columbines along the edge of her garden. In the background is Japanese fuki, whose broad leaves grow up to 3-feet across and the stalks are edible. 

Credit: Eve Powers

Finally, Pamela Hess-Bly has created what she calls her riparian sanctuary in her garden along the Boise River. It includes an assortment of blooming perennials, as well as a water feature. 

We can see why she calls her garden her sanctuary. Hess-Bly is an Idaho master naturalist and loves native plants, such as this orange mountain daisy and an orange globemallow. She also has delicate columbines, including this dainty-yellow variety and a white and lavender beauty. 

Credit: Pamela Hess-Bly

Spring flowers will soon give way to summer blooms as hotter weather arrives. Our vegetable gardens are going to really start taking off, too. So, take lots of pictures of your garden successes, so we can all enjoy your gardens. 

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