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You Can Grow It: Gardeners share end-of-season photos

The gardening season is pretty much over for 2020. We take a look back at some of the successes this past year.

BOISE, Idaho — Fall is in full swing, and freezing weather has pretty much ended our outdoor gardens for the year. And while die-hard gardeners are already setting their sights on next spring, there’s still plenty of indoor gardening that we can do through the winter.

Today on this final ‘You Can Grow It’ of the season, garden master Jim Duthie shows us some more pictures posted by Idaho gardeners just like you, with some of their end-of-season successes.

Halloween is over, and a lot of you displayed some fantastic Jack-o-lanterns from pumpkins you bought or grew yourself. Jamie Holoday Stewart and her family discovered they had some overgrown zucchinis, so instead of carving pumpkins, they decided to carve squash-o-lanterns using zucchini. I think they nailed it.

With recent freezing weather, we’ve said goodbye to most of our blooming flowers for the year. Chris Samuelson shows us some of his last flowers until spring. Gentle hermione and a pink gomphrena that he started from seed.

Billie Marshall cut the last of her summer flowers before the freeze, creating this pretty arrangement from her garden.

And Sandy Stone also gathered some of her flowers for a couple of fall bouquets with dahlias, mums, zinnias and roses.

Colder weather has forced many of us to bring some of our favorite plants indoors, like this passion vine that Zeanna Johnson has been growing outside. Take a look at that stunning flower.

Gaby Saltos’s mother brought a hibiscus cutting all the way from ecuador. They brought it inside and it produced this beautiful bloom.

Jennifer Christine Wheeler Bach brought a lot of her flower garden indoors to avoid the frost. Many of these plants were nearly dead when she bought them off clearance racks at local garden stores, and she nursed them back to health. Hopefully she can keep them going through the winter.

Ever grown a turban squash? It’s a really interesting squash resembling an asian turban, and is delicious roasted. But the skin is so thick that Britt Boudreaux’s husband had to use a special knife to slice it. Watch your fingers!

Potatoes are iconic to idaho, so it makes sense that Ray Barb Phillips would find this special spud – an “I Heart Idaho” potato. That’s got to be a good omen for success in next year’s garden.

Almost every vegetable gardener grows tomatoes, and at the end of the season we rush to save the green ones to ripen indoors. Marcela Laird had a nice surprise when she looked in her greenhouse and found this wagonload of ripened tomatoes.

Finally, Alena and Joe Sheire’s son, mace, had fun mugging with the load of tomatoes they saved just before the first freeze. Mace may be kidding around, but his smile pretty much sums up the joy that idaho gardeners get after a successful garden season. Remember… spring is only a few months away, and you can grow it…. again.

You can still keep your green thumb in shape by joining the KTVB You Can Grow It Facebook group, and post your gardening pictures, share tips, and ask questions. 

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