BOISE, Idaho — Halloween is just around the corner and Thanksgiving isn’t far away, so many people have already started working on holiday decorations.

Pumpkins, dried corn stalks and colored leaves are a big part of the fall décor. Today's You Can Grow It takes a look at different and creative ways to use pumpkins to decorate your home.

While Mother Nature has been busy making some eye-catching displays outdoors with brilliant fall colors, you can create indoor fall decorations of their own by decorating a pumpkin with succulents.

On a recent morning at Edwards Greenhouse in Boise, about two dozen women were busy creating some unique and interesting centerpieces and decorations that will adorn their homes for the fall season.

“Just entry table, and then maybe one on like our mantle," class participant Ashley Kunz. "Just to celebrate the fall season.”

It’s not unusual to display pumpkins this time of year, but these aren’t being carved into scary faces. Instead, they’re being turned into creative displays, using succulent plants and dried flowers.

"I think I was going more for the dried floral thing," Kunz said of her creation. "And stuck some succulents in there, and getting some of the fall colors."

They start with small pumpkins. Besides the typical orange ones, white pumpkins are interesting and different.

Then they gather an assortment of plant material, including pieces of succulent plants, dried flowers, some moss, and dried seed pods.

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Next, take some hot glue, dab it on the pumpkin, and start making your own arrangement with the plant material. There’s no right or wrong way to do it. It’s all up to your own creativity and imagination.

“Just learn to jump in, and just start, and keep creating, and look around for inspiration," class participant Sharon Carswell said.

And the results are beautiful and amazing, transforming little pumpkins and some pieces of plants from the garden, into works of art just in time for the fall holidays.

For more information about upcoming classes on holiday decorations using pumpkins, succulents and dried flowers, visit the Edwards Greenhouse website.

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