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7's Hero update: Boise mother of four adopted children expands family with fifth sibling

Kate Wilson, who KTVB profiled on Mother's Day after she adopted four children, recently adopted a fifth child.

BOISE, Idaho — A Boise woman's family of five has grown by one more, and KTVB has watched her family grow from the very beginning.

You may remember Kate Wilson from Maggie O' Mara's 7's Hero on Mother's Day. Wilson always longed to be a mom. Her twenties went by, and in her thirties, even though she was still young, she was worried she wouldn't get that chance. 

“I’ve always had a heart for adoption since I was 7-years-old. I've always wanted to adopt kids, and I just expected I would get married and adopt,” Wilson said. “So, in 2018 I basically was like 'I'm done waiting, I'm not going to say one day anymore, I'm going to do it now by myself'.”

Wilson decided to go through the adoption process by herself. After fostering four siblings for several months, she ultimately adopted them all.

Recently, she expanded her family by one after adopting a fifth child!

The best part? All five children are siblings and will grow up together as a family.

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