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KTVB Kitchen: Idaho-style mashed potatoes

Frank Muir with the Idaho Potato Commission was on the News at Noon and shows us how to create tasty mashed potatoes.

Idaho-style mashed potatoes

¾ cup Chobani® Whole Milk Plain Greek Yogurt
3 pounds Idaho® Russet potatoes, peeled and diced
½ cup unsalted butter
½ cup whole milk
1 ½ teaspoons kosher salt
½ teaspoon fresh ground black pepper
¼ cup finely chopped chives

1. Cook Idaho® Potatoes in a pot of salted, boiling water until tender, about 15-20 minutes. Drain and return the potatoes to the pot and
mash with a potato masher.

2. In a small sauce pan, bring butter and milk to a simmer and cook on low until butter is melted. Add mixture to Idaho® Potatoes and stir to combine. If necessary, mash Idaho® Potatoes further for smooth consistency.

Optional: For a smoother consistency, place boiled Idaho® Potatoes in a stand mixer or use a hand mixer to whip until smooth.

3. Add yogurt, salt, and pepper. Stir until fully incorporated.

4. Transfer the Idaho® Potatoes to a serving bowl. Garnish with chives.

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