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KTVB Kitchen: Chef Christina Murray's spring rolls with sunbutter dipping sauce

You can also serve the spring rolls with a sweet soy dipping sauce.

BOISE, Idaho — Spring Rolls

(Yield 8 Rolls)

Filling Ingredients:

· Spring Roll Wrappers (at least 8-10)

· 1/2 English Cucumber, julienned

· 1 Red Bell Pepper, julienned

· 2 Medium Carrots, peeled & julienned

· 2 Green Onions, chopped

· 3-4 Romaine Lettuce Leaves, julienned

· 1/4 C. basil leaves and/or Mint, sliced thinly

· 1/4 C. Cilantro, stems removed, and minced


1. Boil water for rice paper wrappers. Pour water in a large shallow dish. Dip one paper at a time for 20-30 seconds until softened.

2. Carefully remove from water and top with desired filling, fold bottom over the fillings, then gently roll over once and fold in the side to seal, then roll until completely sealed, similar to a burrito wrapper. Place on a serving plate and top with a room temperature damp towel to prevent dryness and keep fresh. Prepare dipping sauce of your choice. See below for two recipe options.

Sunbutter Dipping Sauce

(Yield 1 2/3 C.)


· ¾ C. Peanut Butter or (Sunflower Seed Butter to avoid nuts)

· ¼ C. Rice Vinegar

· ⅓ C. Reduced Sodium Soy Sauce

· 3 T. Honey

· 1 ½ t. Fresh Ginger, grated

· 1 to 2 Garlic cloves, minced

· 2 to 4 tablespoons water, as necessary to reach your desired consistency


Whisk ingredients together and serve with rolls of your choice.

Sweet Soy Dipping Sauce


· 1T. Honey or Agave or Maple Syrup

· 1 T. Soy Sauce, Tamari, or Coconut Aminos for soy-free

· 2 T. rice wine vinegar

· ½ teaspoon red pepper flakes


Whisk ingredients together and serve with rolls of your choice.

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